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Definition Institute



(1 / 1) Name of Institute:
Higher Institute of Computer and Management Information Systems in ElTagmooa Elawel -New Cairo.
(2 / 1) Date created:
Established the Higher Institute of Computer and Information Systems Management in 2005.
(3 / 1) the owner of the license:
Baron Services Association of cultural and educational in Eltagmooa Elawel- unpublicized 6055 to 2005, Nasr City, east - the decision of Mr. Prof. Dr. / Minister of Higher Education No. (142).
(4 / 1) Degree conferred by the Institute:
The institute offers bachelor's degree in management information systems approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.
(5 / 1) the date on the educational activity:
.Institute began to receive students as of 1/9/2005
(6 / 1) the date of graduation of the first batch of graduates of the Institute:
 God willing, will be graduating the first batch of students of the Institute the role of May 2009.
 (7 / 1) Location of the Institute:
2 east of the ring road next to Mubarak Police Academy entrance to the first assembly of New Cairo.


Definition Institute


Dean of the Institute


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Chairman and members of the Council


Securities to be met of students for admission to the Institute


Rules and conditions for the admission of foreign students of the Institute


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Student Union Institute




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