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Student Union Institute


Student Union:
Student Union is the representative body for students of the Institute and consists of 48 members selected through a regular election held before the end of November of each year, where every band students elected 12 members for the period of study by two members of each committee.
The Federation Council is composed of 12 members were:
Secretary and Assistant Secretary for each committee, including the elected president and vice president.
Activities of the committees:
Families Commission:
That is characterized by its collector for all activities (technical, cultural, public service, community service, humanitarian activities, trips and camps, medical visits) by a family of families, the central youth and family challenged the future of despair
Sports Committee:
Interested in building a generation of young athletes has Balyakh and develop the spirit of community through individual and group games, including:
Football - Karate - Gymnastics - Basketball - Bodybuilding - Squash - Handball - Boxing - Table Tennis - Volleyball - Wrestling
Cultural Committee:
Includes multiple areas of cultural activity (poetry, colloquial, short story, a regular information, wall magazines, article, play), to promote the Arabic language and literature.
Technical Committee:
The aim of her children to the students to highlight their talents and develop their creativity and development.
Commission phones and public service and camps:
Movement based on a set of knowledge, skills, and lead young people to self-reliance, cooperation, responsibility and leadership held by: Department of wandering - Department tours - Department of the camps.
Social Committee and trips:
Divided into several sections: research and arrivals, flight Services Department, Department of camps, Department of Leadership Development. List of the Students' Union in 2006/2007



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Rules and conditions for the admission of foreign students of the Institute


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Student Union Institute




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