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Student Affairs


Involvement of the metro:
Form is purchased from the Metro station and meet their data from the Department of Student Affairs and to bring the number of 2 files and then go to the metro station to extract the payment of subscription fees subsidized for students and to the Institute's contribution to alleviating the burdens of the student in the transition to and from the Institute.
(Guide Student Support and Guidance for students of the Institute)
Student Support: no system is approved for student support for the road.
Social solidarity fund that:
· The rules for the selection of students for the disbursement of subsidies.
· Fund that respect regardless of social solidarity and in-kind subsidies for students who are unable.
Documents required for the disbursement of the subsidy:
1. As a request. D / Dean of the Institute and Chairman of the Board of Directors Alsndq.
2. Mfradt salary of the parent or the value of pension letter or proof of income.
3. Copy of the father.
4. Picture of the death certificate in the case of the death of the father.
A student is able and non-circumstances very difficult request to the Department of Youth Welfare for assistance in reducing Drainers buy the book and the school curriculum.
Conditions due to the applicant for the benefit of social solidarity fund that according to the Ministerial Decree 968 of 1982
· The applicant must be of Egyptian nationality.
· Not exceed the average per capita income in the family for 300 pounds to change my.
Health care:
Is sponsored students from the health unit for treatment by the Institute and the Department of Medicine and the disclosure to students and is the follow-up conditions and are supporting the students in the treatment and surgeries and glasses, and that the work of a health card for each student to monitor his condition.
There is a plan for the Institute for the care of her children of students in various ways, including:
· A medical examination to the students and the students inside the clinic in the institute and exchange the necessary treatment.
· Carry out services and first aid for workers within the Institute.
· Medical surveillance examinations committees and provide first aid and treatment for students and the students sit for examinations during the process and theory.
· The work of awareness lectures for diseases that threaten society.
Support and stimulate outstanding students:
Is to support and stimulate outstanding students through the payment of rewards for outstanding students who obtained a very good score and a privilege.
Guidance systems and guidance of new students:
Students are guided through the medical evidence and guidance which is distributed at a ceremony welcoming new students to be held at the beginning of the school year and attended by Dean of the Institute and Chairman of the Board of Directors and is welcomed by students and introduce them to the institute



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Securities to be met of students for admission to the Institute


Rules and conditions for the admission of foreign students of the Institute


Student Affairs


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