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Chairman and members of the Council



National Council for Academic Institute of elite elements of the best attested by the Board of Directors of the Institute as follows:
Ph.D. in Economics University of Clyde Britain and professor of economics and Vice President of South Valley University and former Dean of the Graduate Institute of Computer and Information Systems Management is currently
Dean of the Institute and a member of the Board of Directors and Supervisor of the Department of Economics
Mr. Prof. Dr. /Nashat Fahmi Mohamed Mansour
The Faculty of Commerce - University of Beni Suef (formerly)
Department of Accounting
Mr. Prof. Dr. /Mohamed  Mostafa El-Jabali
Professor and Head of Statistics Department of Statistics, Faculty of Commerce - Helwan University (former)
Department of Statistics
Mr. Prof. Dr. / Ibrahim Hassan Ibrahim
Professor, Faculty of Computer Science - Helwan University
Department of Computer
Mr. Prof. Dr./Farouk Ibrahim Metwally
Professor of Business Administration and President of the former Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Commerce - Zagazig University
Department of Administration
Mr. Prof. Dr./ Rashed Abdel-Gelil


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Dean of the Institute


Members of the Board of Directors


Chairman and members of the Council


Securities to be met of students for admission to the Institute


Rules and conditions for the admission of foreign students of the Institute


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Student Union Institute




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