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Chairman's Message  

Dear Son's,

Students of the Higher Institute for Computers and Management Information Systems.

Order of the Board of Directors of the Institute to communicate fully with the sons of the Institute gives me great pleasure on behalf of the Board of Directors and myself to meet you via the Institute website, which we all hope to be a forum to exchange views and proposals between you and us for the benefit of the educational process with absolute transparency.

With the beginning of a new university I would like to assure our students that the management of the Institute strives to achieve excellence in the preparation of graduates of the Institute during the academic activity educational parenting social athletes bring to the graduates ability to serve the community to keep pace with the changes technology of modern scientific and achieve a competitive advantage to graduate institute in the field of the work.

Finally, my prayers and best wishes for your success and the investment of the Institute give you through an integrated system of scientific verification and lead you to excellence.

 May God help you to do well           

 May peace and God's mercy and blessings


Mrs. / Lamia Mohamed Fathy Abdel Moneim

Dean of the Institute

Dear students,

I am happy with the preeminence a new school year to welcome all newcomers, and how many were enrolled in the Institute of Higher Institute of Computer and Management Information Systems in ElTagmooa Elawel - New Cairo. Has honored to belong to him and how much you need to make every effort to lift it would even proud of you and proud it.

I should also be the cause of you individually and prepare you refine the proper preparation for life after graduation, God willing.

And ask God to grant you success since the first day on attending to the Institute and that you will be keen on learning and regular attendance in lectures and scientific lessons so you will be lead by example. And please everyone to consider this as a niche for the wisdom and knowledge, that all gentlemen professors what they are parents, but you are all keen to take your interests and your own hands to get to him all what he learned from the success of the Conciliation.





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